For some people, food is not the means to survive, it’s their life. Even after they are done with their three staple meals, they have to hog on food and keep dreaming about the food they are going to have. (Already salivating?). Adam is also that kind of person who loves to eat varieties of meals and wonder the food lovers with his preparation in different tastes.He found the real smell of meal in the kitchen of Malabar.Destination to destination, Adam has tasted and
studied the style of each dish in his table. He used to start preparing these styles in his kitchen. And he loves to make varieties of food for everyone. Around all these food and preparation, Adam realized that a restaurant can utilize his talent of food making and can give styles of variety meals to the customers. ‘Adaminde Chayakkada’ was born from this thought. Being a true Malabari at heart, these dishes were then redesigned to impress the Moplah taste buds.

Adaminde Albudha Nombthura’ was Adam’s stepping stone to Kozhikode food industry. It became a bit of sensation. Needless to say, everybody loved everything about it. It entered the to-do list of people outside Kozhikode during the month of Ramadan. Along with home-style favorites we, Adam’s crew offer our guests a wide variety of ethnic tastes and flavors that include our traditional family recipes. The taste of each dish has become famous with its name and taste. Adam gives an uncommon name for his dishes. Peridatha Chicken Fry, Chicken Pottitherichadh, Bejaraya Brain Fry are some of the dishes. We call our menu ‘Fusion Cuisine’ as we combine the tastes of different countries with ours into something worth trying. On weekend mornings, we invite our guests to rise and shine for our endless breakfast buffet, which features ‘The Royal Malabar Naastha’.
Along with age old authentic recipes, Adaminde Chayakkada kitchen team also takes pride in whipping up new recipes that emphasize bolder flavors without compromising the freshness and scratch-made quality which they are known for. Adam also brings the taste of ‘Adaminde Chayakkada’ in to the Dubai with the ‘thakkaram’. It becomes fame in the city of Dubai for its taste of real. Today ‘Adaminde Chayakkada’ becomes a well-known restaurant for food lovers. Because our commitment to our guests doesn’t stop with our food. We believe in providing outstanding hospitality too. Each day we strive to deliver a pleasurable and interesting dining experience for our guests. We make sure people have a good time so that Adaminde Chayakkada is always somewhere people want to come back to. We believe that the beginning is the most important part. Begin with our amazing starters!
Leadership style
"My leadership style is very different I ​​​ Do not believe in a hierarchical system and there is no corporate ladder in my firm. So from the housekeeping staff to the chefs all of them report to me and I treat them all as equal. All decisions are taken as a whole and is everyone's responsibility.

Handing Challenges
Managing the expectations of people is something I have to deal with every day . Customers drop into my place with high expectations and it's difficult to live up to all of them. The biggest challenge is convincing people and handling the egos . Everyday is a learning process for me,I take only positive suggestions from the staff. I am a hands-on person, always on the floor and learning new things everyday.
Success manthra
Managing the branches in Calicut and Dubai is a tough job that reqires a lot of hard work.but I would say smart work is eqaully important.Smart work combined with hard work yield success.

The balancing act
Iam a very aggressive businesssman and I do not like to combine my personal life with professional life.The transformation from an investment banker to a restaurateur ha sbee a huge shift for me but food is passion,I enjoy a lot.It's lessstressful,I travel a lot as a food traveller and the experience is truly enriching and relaxing.

The inspiration
I look up to my father and grandfather from whom I have learnt the work Ethics.They were traders but transparency and truthfulness in business is something they value most and have instilled in me.One needs to treat thier customers well,guage customer feeddback based on body language.

To the youngsters
Whatever be your business,do it whole heartedly and results will come naturally.Failures happen but do not stop, persevere ans success will be yours.Ethics and transparency is a must in business today.More importantly,treat your people well and they will in turn treat your business well.