About Us


For some people, food is not the means to survive, it’s their life. Even after they are done with their three staple meals, they have to hog on food and keep dreaming about the food they are going to have. (Already salivating?). Adam is also that kind of person who loves to eat varieties of meals and wonder the food lovers with his preparation in different tastes.

He has always a fascination in finding the varieties of smells of meals in each destination. So one day he started his journey to find it. Adam started the first journey to his own city, the Malabar. He found the real smell of meal in the kitchen of Malabar. Destination to destination, Adam has tasted and studied the style of each dish in his table. He used to start preparing these styles in his kitchen. And he loves to make varieties of food for everyone. Around all these food and preparation, Adam realized that a restaurant can utilize his talent of food making and can give styles of variety meals to the customers. ‘Adaminde Chayakkada’ was born from this thought. Being a true Malabari at heart, these dishes were then redesigned to impress the Moplah taste buds. That’s how it all started.   View More